Perfect Puppy  Training Package 

For puppies under 4 months old

Why is puppy training so important ?

The first 15 weeks of your puppies life is known as the critical or sensitive period, everything they experience is going to shape their personality and the way your puppy reacts and copes with the world as an older dog. It's extremely important this is done in a positive manner to help your puppy grow into a sociable, confident and well mannered dog. Training your puppy is an investment that will pay off throughout their life.  With experience working in many Puppy Pre-Schools across Perth, I have seen a variety of behavioural issues at such a young age. So lets get started and help your puppy make the right decisions and to avoid practicing any unwanted behaviours.

What you will learn ?

  • Safe introductions to novel stimulus

  • Understanding Behaviour

  • Attention / Focus

  • Relaxation in real life settings

  • Compassionate Socialisation / Habituation

  • Building confidence 

  • Crate Training

  • Manners

  • Sit

  • What is flooding?

  • Leave it / Give

  • Jumping

  • Loose lead walking

  • Mouthing

  • Toilet Training 

So whats involved?

 Our aim is to set you up for life, so we need to give you the skills and knowledge to prepare you and your newest addition for what ever life can throw your way . Training will start at home to cover basic foundation skills, how to effectively work on your bond as well as leadership/ guidance and I am sure you'll be bursting to ask all those puppy questions! The second session will be held at Bunnings, to introduce your puppy to our crazy world of people, sounds, machinery, strange statues, children, smells, the list is endless and the perfect puppy opportunity. The session will transfer over to the coffee shop where we can practice relaxation exercises, whilst your puppy is absorbing the world around them. The final visit will be back in your home to follow up on all your new skills and introduce some obedience exercises. Using the methodology of positive reinforcement, we can introduce your puppy to our weird and wonderful world in a such a way that they take it in their stride and enjoy new experiences with structure. This training can commence before full vaccinations, we will be attending low traffic dog areas, ( carrying your puppy ) and the risk of behaviour issues compared to the risk of disease is far greater.


Suggested package 3 X Sessions  $255.00

1 Hour Training Session                  $105.00