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THANK YOU, from your second, third and perhaps even fourth chance dog. They are quite possibly alive because of you! This is also a thank you from every animal lover out there, with thanks 'Canine Conversations' will continue to offer training at a discounted rate for the life time of the dog in your care. 

The most common reasons so many wonderful dogs are surrendered each year is a result  of destructive behaviour and temperament problems, reasons that educated owners could quite easily avoid. In fact most puppy owners have no idea how to prevent or resolve these issues, leaving many adolescent dogs not getting to see in their second birthday. Whether you are fostering a dog or adopting, this program will help ensure our furry friends next home will be their final home. Let's keep the dogs out of shelters and in their forever home.

What will you learn?

  • Equipment needed 

  • Dog proofing 

  • Child safety

  • Their  first day home

  • Reactive management 

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Clicker training

  • Toilet training

  • Mat training

  • Introducing visitors

  • Loose lead walking

  • Crate Training

  • House rules and boundaries

  • Socialisation

  • Diet, and so much more 

Although bringing home a newly adopted dog may fill your heart, it can also be extremely stressful. Without strong foundations the homes we live in would fall apart, just like the relationship with your dogs. So lets break the cycle, learn how to communicate while creating positive experiences to form a strong foundation and an unbreakable bond! 

Initial Consultation and information gathering $135.00
Ongoing Session $75.00
Ongoing Sessions Additional Handler $25.00 ( for reactivity and helper dog)

Lauren Bray

0434 947 233

Wanneroo WA 6065, Western Australia