"A dog is the one thing on earth that can love you more than you love yourself."

Dog Walker


Director - Behaviourist - Animal Attendant

Hi, i'm Lauren and in 2009 I started 'Board At Home' dog walking and pet minding, since then it has developed a great reputation in Perth's northern suburbs animal- guardian community. In 2022 I made a huge decision to rebrand with Canine Conversations and focus purely on behaviour and training.

Over the years I have added other services which includes 'Furry Tail Weddings'- pet attendant for weddings and 'Bubbles Hydrobath' - mobile dog washing. In 2015 I entered the training world volunteering and working with behaviourists, studying online and attending seminars which lead me to other opportunities.

I am proud to have gained my behavioural qualifications through the IMDTB  ( Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers)  and now a member of the  wonderfully supportive and ethical training organisation. 

Whether its behaviour, training or advice, my aim is to become a friend and a support network to you, your family and your furry, feathery or scaly friends.

As a member of the IMDT we must continue our professional development, regularly update our knowledge and education with courses and seminars. Which I absolutely love! 

Cant wait to meet you.

2014 Australia Dog Trainers Academy - Training the trainers

2015 Clicker Training Work Shop - Pawsitive Wagging

2016 Different breeds have different needs seminar - PATS ( my previous business)

2017 Aggression Seminar - PATS

2017 Canine and Feline body Language - PATS

2018 Pawsome Puppies - Laura Ryder

2018 A Night of Pain - Dr Kate Lindsey KALMPETS

2019 IMDT 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer

2019 Separation Anxiety - Dr Kate Lindsay KALMPETS

2019 Loose Leaders - IMDT

2019 Consultation Skills - IMDT

2020 Level 5Working With Canine Behaviour - Analysis and Application - Behaviour IMDTB

2022 Aggression In Dogs Master Course 


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