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Life Skills

If we had the option to train our dogs a kinder way, why wouldn't we?

Dogs do whats best for them and they are good at it! Sometimes a little too good, manipulating us and occasionally we just give in, for the quiet life, well trying to get that quiet life.
A lot of people ask, how can I get my dog to stop jumping, pulling, barking, why wont he stop?. BUT owners never actually give their furry friends instructions on what they would prefer or is alternatively an acceptable behaviour.
So you end up dreading walks, getting dragged up the street, or join in with the barking by yelling "shut up" or even "ok you can chew that shoe, is if gives me 5 minutes peace". We have all done it! 

My aim is to help you guide and nurture your dog, give you the tools and show you how to give them structure and boundaries. Dogs thrive off routine and a working dog is a happy dog! 
So together lets get a plan in action, what we would we like our dog to do instead.
Sit and wait nicely at the door, walk with a loose lead, chew the correct objects, dig in designated areas.

Lets explore ideas for enrichment ( mentally stimulating your dog with problem solving fun games and toys ). You don't want to run 5kms morning and night and produce a marathon runner before tiring out your dogs. There are more ways to wear them out that doesn't include you too.


  • Watch me -Look   

  •  Reliable Sit 

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Wait

  • Recall - Come

  • Leave it

  • Drop / Give ( Item)

  • On your bed

  • Settle / Relax

Initial Consultation information gathering and introduction to training,  $135.00
Ongoing Training Sessions $85.00

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